Once Should Be Enough by Nikky Kaye ~ Release Day and Review~



Are friends with benefits worth the cost?
My cocky friend Will doesn’t believe that I’m frigid, but what does he know? His promises might make me shiver but it doesn’t mean he can give me a happy. He’s so confident he’s betting me money on it, and a thousand bucks is a lot of money to a poor college student.
Once should be enough to taunt him with “I told you so,” right?

But I didn’t know he meant trying everything once…

This super hot 25,000-word standalone new adult romance novella has adult language and themes, and a happy ending (several, actually).

Bonus sneak preview of Do It Yourself!

My Review


I enjoyed reading this story. The steam level was not what I expected it to be, The characters were fun to get to know and well written. It is a quick read that left me wondering what came next for Cassie and Will. Overall a fun way to pass an afternoon.

About the Author

Nikky Kaye is almost my real name, but living in reality can be boring.

I love old movies and new ideas, but occasionally I like it the other way around. Stories that are smart, sassy and sexy is what I like to read and write. To me, all three things are embodied in my husband’s infinite love of obscure museums and dive bars.

It’s true, I’m not perfect. I have let my children eat ice cream for dinner and I wear vintage Hermes scarves with Walmart jeans. I drink too much diet soda and don’t work out enough, and will stay up late writing and then be a mombie in the morning. It’s not pretty, hence the designer accessory disguise.

Writing romance is like playing “three truths and a lie,” and the fun part is picking the lie. So here goes: I’ve worked with movie stars, raced camels on the beach, slept at the top of the Eiffel Tower, and found my twin toddlers literally swinging from the chandelier. Which one is the lie?

Hmmm, upon further reflection, maybe reality isn’t that boring after all!

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