Siobhán and Gabhain at 241 Harper’s Cove (Harper’s Cove Series Book 8) by Deanndra Hall~Review~


It’s lights, camera, ACTION for some of the newest residents of Harper’s Cove!

Siobhán and Gabhain want a place to run their business, a place where they can get work done and find talent no one else has discovered. It’s hard to find actors willing to bare it all and get down and dirty, but that doesn’t stop them from looking, and they’re pleasantly surprised by their finds. It doesn’t take long, however, for them to realize they have an audience they never could’ve anticipated in Gloria. She snoops and pries, all while her poor husband, Russell, keeps a secret of his own. But this time, Gloria’s gone a step too far, and the repercussions of her behavior will have long-lasting effects she won’t be able to avoid. Is it the end of the road for Gloria? Will Russell finally be free of her nagging and gossiping? Or will she finally do the residents of Harper’s Cove in? It’s the volume fans have been waiting for!

Snoops beware in this fun-packed, erotic finale to the Harper’s Cove series. It’s another volume that’ll expose you to the kinkier side of life and leave you laughing at the same time. Come on – everyone has a neighbor like Gloria! But you’ve never lived in a neighborhood like this – or have you?

Get this ending to the craziest, nuttiest, and one of the sexiest series around. Whatever’s going on down Harper’s Cove, it’s sure to be wild!

WARNING: Strong sexual content, situations, and adult terminology. Not suitable for readers under the age of 18.

My Review

The first thing you need to know is that you can absolutely read this book without having read the first seven. You won’t be lost,I promise, you will however have missed all the crazy shenanigans going on at Harper’s Cove. The second thing you need to know is that each story highlights a relationship that is not entirely vanilla in flavor as well as the neighborhood snoop trying to uncover just exactly what sort of things are going on. In this story we meet Siobhán and Gabhain. Two business entrepreneurs who are looking for new talent and a quiet place to get some work done. That talent search leads them to Gloria’s (the snoops) husband, a whole lot of steamy sex, a bit of comeuppance and some new found freedom. Fun, believable characters as well as a kinky story line will keep you entertained.

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Meet the Author

Deanndra Hall is a working writer living in far western Kentucky. A free spirit and chronic jokester, she and her partner of over 30 years enjoy visiting their two adult children and their partners and playing with their three crazy little dogs. When she’s not writing, Deanndra can be found kayaking, working out at the gym, cooking something healthy, or reading. After writing for business, industry, academia, and non-profits for years and having her work credited to others, she jumped into the fiction realm, particularly erotic fiction and erotica, and had so much fun she never looked back. Look for her on Twitter and Facebook and on her website and blog.

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