Posting Guidelines

If you are an author, publisher or personal assistant please follow these guidelines when submitting a request to be featured on Snugglebooks.


Review Requests:

I am not taking on any review requests at this time.

Spotlight Posts:

Please include author bio, bibliography and social media links. You can also include teasers, trailers and purchase links.  If there is a specific time frame you would like to have it posted please include that information as well.

Event Posts:

If you have a book related event and would like me to share it please send me any promotional graphics as well as the who, what ,when and where. Please give me at least a weeks lead time to any event

Facebook Posts:

If you would like a quick share on my Facebook page you can message me there directly at Snugglebooks Blog

I will make every effort to respond promptly. Snugglebooks is my hobby and sometimes the real world does have to take priority.